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LONDON: Director of Kuwait Airways office in London Manea Al-Manea, said yesterday that KAC is keen to return back to competition with full force. He made the remark given the latest updates the fleet and plans to launch new destinations soon.

Kuwait Airways has already begun taking "serious steps" where it recently included new seven Airbus (A320) aircrafts, which will be operated on short routes, in addition to five other planes of the same model for medium lines, Manea said on the sideline of the 2016 World Tourism Market opening.

New aircrafts are entering service on long-haul routes, immediately after dispensing the old ones, Al-Manea added. The number of Kuwaiti fleet that will enter service will be 10 of Boeing (B777-300) aircrafts, and 2019 will witness the handover of about 15 Airbus (A320 NEO) and 10 jets of (350 A). The completion of the fleet will be in 2022, he pointed out. Kuwait Airways started since the first of this November running about 10 flights a week from London to Kuwait daily, and two flights on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday, he said. - KUNA