KUWAIT: Kuwait sits at the 18th spot in Global Finance's latest rankings for the safest countries in the world announced recently. The ranking is topped by Iceland, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar respectively. Bahrain (12), Saudi Arabia (19) and Oman (25) all ranked in the top 25, while Morocco (24) was the only other Arab country to rank among the 25 safest countries in the world according to the list.

Singapore, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and New Zealand round up the top 10 in the list which includes a total of 134 countries. Meanwhile, the 10 least safe countries on the list are (in order of least safe): the Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Yemen and North Macedonia. The safety score for countries takes into account three fundamental factors. These factors are war and peace as measured by the global peace index, personal security meaning a very low crime rate, and the risk of natural disasters which includes the potential of a new pandemic.