KUWAIT: Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) concluded the seventh edition of its training program on Thursday. The program was launched on Aug 22 with the participation of 19 Kuwait University students. KUNA's Deputy General Director for the editorial sector, Esam Al-Ghanem, commented in a press statement that the program was aimed at university students as they are the future of journalistic work. The program was carefully curated to keep up with the rapidly evolving developments in the fields of journalism and media, and underscored ways of managing social media platforms, Ghanem added.

Ghanem also mentioned that the program handled the craft of journalistic writing, polishing the skill it requires, and highlighted the importance of seeking accuracy when conveying and spreading news items. Deputy Editorial Chief for international affairs Oqab Al-Qobaa said the students were exposed to principles of writing a news item in all its forms and sources, taking into consideration Arabic language standards. - KUNA