KUWAIT: The College of Social Sciences at Kuwait University emphasized the importance of heritage in highlighting the cultural diversity among societies around the world - stressing the need to preserve Kuwait's national heritage. "The College will organize a conference - Preserving cultural heritage in Kuwait - on December 12, in cooperation with the UNESCO office for the Gulf states and Yemen, and it will last for one day at Kuwait University," Acting Dean of the College, Dr Maha Al-Sejari said in a press conference on Monday.

"The organization of the conference coincides with the celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, an indication of Kuwait's insurance to preserve its national heritage through documented audio recordings, photographs and moving images, in addition to the establishment of many international agreements, local programs, educational curricula, the establishment of museums and the maintenance of historical buildings," Al-Sejari added.

On his part, Professor of Archeology and Anthropology at Kuwait University Dr Hassan Ashkanani said that the conference aims to shed light on the various aspects of cultural heritage and the state of its preservation as well as challenges that heritage preservation might face. "The conference will provide space for experts and workers to explore the opportunities and challenges related to cultural heritage in Kuwait, noting that it will discuss in particular its documentation heritage with a focus on audiovisual heritage as well as tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as its role in promoting innovation and creative industries," he explained.

"The conference will shed light on plans, strategies and agreements aimed at preserving the Kuwaiti cultural heritage and studying the risks facing different types of heritage," he added. Director of the UNESCO Office for the GCC and Yemen, Saleh Khaled, expressed his hope that this conference will help in strengthening networks and professional partnerships in order to ensure the preservation of the richness and diversity of cultural practices and forms of expression of the past for future generation. - KUNA