KUWAIT: Kuwait University’s media department celebrated the appointment of Dr Fatima Al-Salem as the General Manager of KUNA. Head of Department Dr Hussain Murad expressed his happiness and pride for his colleague, wishing her the best in her mission, as she is deserving of her position. Dr Heba Al-Musallam said: “It is our honor and privilege that our colleague Dr Fatima Al-Salem was appointed as the head of KUNA, as she is a source of pride for the department.”

In other news, Kuwait University’s cultural and art department for students’ affairs organized an exhibition titled ‘Creativity with the tradition of our forefathers’ on Nov 16. The event was at the Sabah Al-Salem campus, where a number of officials of the university attended along with students, under the supervision of Dhuha Al-Awadhi.

Management supervisor Khulood Al-Yaqoub said: “The event aims to achieve the necessary benefit for students and visitors regarding the importance of Kuwaiti heritage and tradition. The department has always organized various beneficial cultural activities that serve the students of the university.” The event was joined by a Kuwaiti medical team and Expo 965.