KFH-CAPITAL-MARKET-REPORTKUWAIT: This has been another positive week for the indices. As KSE price index closed up 1.34 percent, 5300.51 up 70.07 points compared to the week before the top performer of indices this week. MUDX was with 1 percent gains up 5.24 points to close at 526.91 for the week. KSE Weighted was up as well to 365.07 up 1.12 percent and 4.03 points to the previous week. While the market blue-chip index the KSX15 was up by 10.27points to close at 863.14 up 1.20 percent. Brent crude oil witnessed an increase on a weekly basis to reach $44.27. The reported weekly volumes were 1246.61 million shares compared to 930.22 million shares in previous week an increase of a remarkable 34 percent in share trading.

Among the major contributors the Financial Services Sector (contributing 43.43 percent) witnessed 541.41 million shares of trading compared to 281.05 million shares in the previous week, while Real Estate Sector (contributing 28.46 percent) witnessed 354.77 million shares of trading compared to 268.27 million shares in the previous week. Financial Services sectors witnessed considerable volumes increase in Al- Deera Holding Co.-ALDEERA (Mcap - KD 7.69 million) saw a remarkable increase of 36.84 percent during a weekly basis. National Investment Co.-NINV ( Mcap - KD 106.89 million) witnessed a 17.31 percent increase on a weekly basis.

The overall Market Cap was up by a marginal 1.1 percent as it stood at KD 25.06 billion .As for The Blue Chips National Bank of Kuwait - NBK (Mcap - KD 3.54 billion) saw its market cap increase for the week with a 1.52 percent. However; another counters with gains include Kuwait Food Co. - Americana (Mcap - KD 1.04 billion) saw its market cap move up by 1.56 percent. While Kuwait Projects Co- KIPCO ( Mcap - KD 839.93 million) saw its market cap increase 3.64 percent . On the total market breadth, Of the 56 Islamic Companies, 33 advanced while 10 declined during the week. The Islamic universe market cap witnessed a an increase of 1.18 percent in its market cap to close at KD 6.46 billion.

The universe heavyweights like Kuwait Finance House - KFH (Mcap - KD 2.45 billion) saw an increase of 1.3 percent in its market cap. While Boubyan Bank (Mcap - KD 888.23 million) also saw an increase of 2.50 percent in its market cap. Ahli United Bank. - AUB ( Mcap - KD 716.57 million) saw an increase of 2.25 percent in its market cap. Kuwait Telecommunications Co. (Mcap- KD 509.39 million) saw a decrease of 1.92.