Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) sets up a camp and distributed food in northern Khartoum. - KUNA

KHARTOUM: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) volunteers have set up a camp to shelter those affected by torrents and floods in the Wawise area north of Khartoum. In a statement to KUNA, KRCS Director General Abdulrahman Al-Aoun said that they began distributing food and shelter aid in the Wawise region in coordination with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, noting that it is considered one of the areas most impacted by torrential floods.

Aoun added that this relief aid is the start of more aid, which includes shelter materials such as tarpaulins, mosquito nets, floor mattresses, blankets, cooking tools and hygiene supplies. KRCS' field team has plans and assessed requirements for the rest of the affected areas, as the disaster impacted over half a million people and left several dead and injured, he said.

He explained that the field team continues to inspect the affected people due to the floods, in addition to continuing to implement various relief programs, pointing out that they have been informed of the situation. The hospitals were also examined and were provided medicines and health supplies under the supervision of the Sudanese ministry of health and the Sudan Red Crescent Society.

Sudanese authorities warned of the repercussions of the floods and declared a state of emergency countrywide for a period of three months. Additionally, authorities also decided to consider Sudan a natural disaster area after the increase in rains and the rise of the Nile River to a record level on Sept 6 in Khartoum.

According to the Sudan Humanitarian Aid Commission, over 557,000 people have been affected in 17 out of 18 states, as the rains and floods killed 100 people, injured 50 others, collapsed over 111,000 homes, destroyed 1,700 hectares of farmland and killed 5,500 livestock. - KUNA