Doctors perform eye surgeries for displaced Iraqis in Kurdistan. — KUNA

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) conducted 40 eye surgeries for Iraqis displaced in the Kurdistan region, said a statement by the society yesterday. Chairman of the Board for KRCS Dr Hilal Al-Sayer said that it was important to carry out these procedures to help displaced Iraqis during their darkest hours.

The operations, carried out in cooperation with medical and charitable organizations in Kurdistan, is part of the KRCS's humanitarian mission in Iraq, said Dr Al-Sayer who affirmed that the society was willing to increase cooperation with Iraq and Kurdistan within the relief aid domain. He took the chance to commend the Kuwaiti consulate in Irbil, saying that the diplomatic entity helped in facilitating KRCS work in the region. Al-Sayer revealed that a delegation from the society would depart to the region soon to carry out more medical procedures for displaced Iraqis.

Shelter aid distributed

In another development, Kuwait has distributed the first batch of shelter aid to the directorate of Tur Al-Bahah district of Lahij Governorate for the internally displaced persons (IDP) from Taiz city as part of the ongoing Kuwaiti humanitarian campaign in Yemen. The "Kuwait is by your side" campaign's aid included cooking gas cylinders, cooking tools, blankets, and other necessary supplies for displaced families from districts of Haifan, Habshi Mountain, Mafalees, and Gabeeta in Taiz city, the Kuwaiti-Yemeni Relief Agency said in a press statement Thursday.

Alwan Al-Aateri, Director-General of Tur Al-Bahah district, expressed his gratitude to the Kuwaiti campaign for its care and interest in the displaced Yemeni families and persons, and its shelter aid that will alleviate their suffering in light of ongoing military confrontations by the district's borders.

The campaign had distributed relief items to many Yemeni several provinces of the war-troubled country. It aims at securing necessities to more than 50,000 Yemenis at a cost of $4.5 million. The Kuwaiti campaign seeks to help the Yemenis by securing food, water, education and housing. The agency comprises a number of Yemeni and Kuwaiti societies.- Agencies