KUWAIT: The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) issued a series of decisions Sunday appointing Ahmad Al-Eidan and Wadha Al-Khateeb as CEOs of the Kuwait Oil Company and the Kuwait National Petroleum Company respectively.

The decisions also included the appointment of Waleed Al-Bader as CEO of the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company and Nadia Al-Hajji CEO of the Petrochemical Industries Company as well as Mohammad Al-Haimer CEO of the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, the KPC said in a statement.Under the decisions, Shafi Al-Ajmi and Khaled Al-Otaibi were appointed CEOs of the Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) and the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company respectively, it noted.

Sheikh Khaled Ahmad Al-Sabah was appointed as managing director of the global marketing department at the KPC and acting CEO of the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company. It also appointed Hisham Al-Rifai managing director of the KPC human resources sector and Bader Al-Attar managing director of the KPC planning and finance sector, according to the statement.

The statement quoted CEO of KPC Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah's full confidence in the ability of the new oil leaders to turn the KPC's vision into a tangible reality and acheive the desired goals towards developing Kuwait's oil sector.Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah lauded the role of the former oil industry leaders that contributed to developing the oil sector.