KUWAIT: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) continues to broaden the scope of its community development and engagement program by including more initiatives within its agenda that aim to empower the Kuwaiti youth, and support fresh local talents who wish to become professionally involved within the banking sector. As part of this initiative, KIB announced its support for the recently launched students career fair, organized by the National Union of Kuwait Students (NUKS): Kuwait University Branch and was held at the new Kuwait University campus in Shaddadiyah.

As an event sponsor, KIB also participated at the fair, with a branded booth set up so that Bank representatives - from Human Resources and Corporate Communications - can introduce both students and visitors alike to KIB and its various work fields. They were also given the opportunity to submit their CVs and conduct job interviews and have all of their questions and inquiries about the Bank and the sector answered. Within this engagement, KIB aimed to raise more financial and banking awareness amongst attendees, as part of its ongoing support to the "Let's be Aware" national campaign.

NUKS's career fair sought to inform students, mainly graduates, on some of the specializations that are highly in-demand within the labor market, from both government and private sectors, as well as all the different fields in which they can find professional job opportunities. Accordingly, KIB was representing the banking sector at this event, as one of its leading financial institutions, given how the sector is considered one of the largest and most vital in Kuwait, due to its impact on the local economy and the major role it plays on the social level.

In his statement affirming the Bank's ongoing commitment to support, and actively take part in these career expos in Kuwait, General Manager of KIB's Human Resources Department, Firas Al-Darmi, reiterated: "Career fairs in Kuwait provide ample opportunities for our local youth to communicate directly with employers and business professionals, as they aim to educate themselves further on labor market needs. This includes the different types of professional skills and capabilities that are most required nowadays, as well as the different means by which they can utilize their talents and find their passion in building their careers".

Al-Darmi also highlighted how KIB has been strongly consistent with attending these career fairs, considering how they present the Bank with the prospect of finding potential talents among young nationals and have them join its workforce. He further explained how career fairs also aid in process of evaluating the level and scope of their qualifications and capabilities and developing induction and training programs that are best suited to match and enhance their skillsets, in order to fully equip and qualify them to become productive members within the sector, in accordance with its required high standards, especially those related to KIB's.

It serves to note that KIB remains fully committed towards upholding it social responsibility, with plans to continue promoting financial literacy within the community - which also falls under the umbrella of the "Let's Be Aware" campaign dedicated to raising banking awareness in the country. In his concluding statement, Al-Darmi pointed out that through these youth events and gatherings, KIB has been able to closely interact and communicate with students, educating them on the set of banking services and products that they benefit from as part of its Youth segment.

In line with "Let's Be Aware", the Bank seeks to extend the knowledge of visitors at the NUKS career fair on matters related to the safe usage of bank accounts, reserving banking rights and understanding duties in every financial transaction being carried out, and more.