KIB awarded ‘Best Islamic Bank GCC’ for 3rd year in a row

Sheikh Mohammad Jarrah Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: For a third consecutive year, KIB garnered the ‘Best Islamic Bank GCC’ award for the year 2018 from World Finance; a leading, global financial magazine specializing in finance and banking, whose GCC Awards have continued to recognize leading financial and investment institutions in the GCC.

KIB received this award based on the result of a set of key criteria set forth by the World Finance Editorial Panel, featuring a group of professional editors. According to World Finance, KIB’s strong financial performance has demonstrated the successful implementation of its new customer centric business strategy and its strength in providing a wide range of Shariah-compliant banking solutions to both retail and corporate customers. KIB has also established itself as the Islamic Banking of choice, not only in Kuwait, but in the GCC region as well, with constant innovation, outstanding customer service and meeting all key criteria including: Sharia-compliant financial products and services, progressive forward looking approach to Islamic finance, competitive strategy, use of technologies, leadership, corporate governance, in addition to its dedicated corporate social responsibility.

On this occasion, Chairman of KIB, Sheikh Mohammad Jarrah Al-Sabah said: “We are honored to have received this prestigious award once more. This achievement has fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in delivering premium banking products and services and our newly implemented strategic direction. Not only is this a strong recognition reaffirming KIB’s standing in the banking industry, but it is also a great motivator – driving us to achieve more and perform better.”

Al-Jarrah added that, this year has truly been a turning point for KIB. The Bank embarked on a new phase through a brand new strategy. KIB’s new approach had it focusing mainly on becoming customer-centric; thereby strengthening its financial standing in the Islamic banking sector. Accordingly, the Bank has carved a distinctive place for itself amongst other major financial institutions in the region, forging ahead with its strategic plans to further enhance its standing within the market by offering innovative sharia compliant banking solutions.

World Finance magazine specializes in the financial and banking industry and is one of the most prominent and independent global financial evaluation bodies. The Magazine recognizes leaders in the industry through international awards and enjoys extensive experience managing a number of internationally recognized award programs across the globe. Known across the industry as a leading source of information for private and global investors, World Finance is recognized as a global market benchmark for many sectors and industries.
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