KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has participated, in coordination with the Kuwait Red Crescent, in a field visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to stand on the last updates on the humanitarian aid projects carried out by the UNHCR.

This activity comes within the frame of the memorandum of understanding and cooperation which KFH signed with the UNHCR in Kuwait earlier. This memorandum of understanding is the first of its kind at all banks level in Kuwait and the region. KFH has provided a financial aid amounting US$ 540 Thousand to fulfill the urgent needs of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

During the field visit, and heading KFH Delegation, the KFH Senior Manager, Social Media & Public Relations Services , Abdullah Al-Saif, indicated that KFH delegation has organized several visits to various sites of the Rohingya Refugee Camps. He expressed his happiness and appreciation for the efforts extended to alleviate the suffering of refugees and improve the hard conditions which they are experiencing.

Saif has valued the role which the UNHCR plays in executing various initiatives to educate and qualify the Rohingya refugees. He emphasized that education is the best service that can be presented to the refugees along the basic needs of living to enable them and grant them the required drives that would ease their suffering and build a better future for them.

Saif noted that KFH delegation has felt during the field visit the existence of various talents of the children who have a promising future if they are given proper education and the appropriate opportunities to live a normal life, thus reiterating KFH distinguished social role in this respect.

He indicated that KFH enjoys a long record of the joint strategic and social initiatives inside and outside Kuwait in cooperation with the concerned official authorities regarding aid efforts. He highlighted that these social initiatives reflect KFH leadership in social responsibility and copes with Kuwait's reputation and leading global position in charity deeds and strengthening of human values.