KUWAIT: AbdulWahab Essa Al-Roshood, Ziad Al-Omar and Yousef Al-Ruwaieh with GUST Officials.

KUWAIT: Acting Group CEO at Kuwait Finance House (KFH), AbdulWahab Essa Al-Roshood emphasized the significance of cooperating with academic institutions, holding strategic partnerships with them in the field of internships, enhancing graduates capabilities, recruiting distinguished youth to work at KFH, exchanging researches, supporting students conferences and clubs and other aspects of cooperation. He indicated that these activities would stand as an added value for both parties, enhance KFH position and strengthen the role of educational institutions in growth and development.

A meeting held between KFH delegation and the officials of Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). KFH delegation comprised Acting Group CEO, AbdulWahab Essa Al-Roshood, Group Chief HR Officer Ziad Abdullah Al-Omar and Group DGM- Public Relations and Media, Yousef Al-Ruwaieh. The GUST team comprised the Chairman of Trustees, Nawaf Erhama, Acting Chairman for Academic Affairs, Professor Doctor Bassam Alamuddin and the Manager - students recruitment center, Dr. Fatima Al-Hashem.

Al-Roshood indicated, during the meeting, that the partnership with GUST aims to qualify students and give them the required skills to work in the banking sector, train national labor in the required fields and refurbish their skills in highly significant fields e.g. risk management, digitalization and cyber security.

Students' energy

The Group Chief HR Officer, Ziad Al-Omar emphasized that KFH is always keen on continuing cooperation and partnership with GUST and supporting its efforts in directing the students' energy to develop their creativity through programs specialized in Islamic economy applications and Islamic banks activities. Also, the bank offers specialized programs in the fields of information technology and banking trends which have gained significant momentum.

Al-Omar added that universities carry great responsibilities in achieving high caliber concerning their educational products. There is a joint responsibility with the institutions which attract these graduates, increase their efficiency, and qualify them vocationally through highly developed work programs.

Other comprehensive programs on the banking sector are also available including courses on technology applications, Sharia basics in Islamic banking, Anti-money laundering , risk management, banking and finance products so that employees would have a comprehensive look on the nature of banking business while focusing at the same time on the field and job role of each employee.

Al-Omar affirmed KFH commitment to honor its responsibilities in labor nationalization and recruitment of highly skilled youth. He added that KFH has successfully proved itself as the largest labor nationalization entity in the private sector in Kuwait. KFH has reached highest levels on the Kuwaitization indicators and achieved qualitative progress in the field of training via fully integrated and advanced programs in cooperation with the most reputable educational institutions to fulfil the modern requirements of the banking industry.

The bank has introduced the "Forsah" program for the distinguished Kuwaiti graduates who joined KFH. The program provides its members with highly sophisticated and rich information in accordance with global standards laid by highly reputable organizations and technology giants eg Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Enhanced partnership

Nawaf Erhama, Chairman of Trustees at GUST has expressed his pleasure for the visit of KFH team, headed by Acting CEO AbdulWahab Al-Roshood, to the university campus to enhance cooperation between the two organizations and exchange scientific and practical experience in all fields between university students and the bank employees and develop educational products to match the needs of the Kuwaiti market.

He added that the two parties are looking forward to signing a memorandum of understanding to enhance partnership between the banking sector and the academic sector in Kuwait. Meanwhile he indicated that cooperation with KFH shall cover several aspects including giving KFH employees training courses focusing on modern banking fields.

KFH is considered as a strategic partner of GUST and the leading sponsor of the several activities of the Islamic finance club at the university. KFH has signed earlier a memorandum of understanding with GUST including the enhancement of cooperation and coordination between the two sides in the field of training, research, and organizing of joint educational and social programs.

Furthermore, learning workshops, seminars and conferences are organized to develop scientific performance, discuss economic issues, and highlight Islamic economy. KFH is keen on participating annually in the university job opportunities fair, organizing educational seminars for the students and many other activities, thus reiterating the success of partnership between the two parties.