KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) continued its efforts in distributing Ramadan iftar meals in various locations in Kuwait as part of its campaign "increase good deeds in Ramadan" which comprises several social events and activities.

KFH voluntary team was present in various locations in Kuwait to cover the largest possible number of fasting people in those locations. This initiative, which KFH is accustomed to performing annually, reiterates KFH commitment to social responsibility and the keenness to enhance voluntary spirit and contribute to enhancing and strengthening the concept of giving.

KFH Ramadan program "increase good deeds in Ramadan" comprises several social activities and contributions, awareness initiatives, communication with the public, Holy Quran competitions and sporting youth events, in collaboration with V-Thru to affirm KFH leadership in all aspects of social responsibility and the continued efforts to enhance initiatives which better serve society.

KFH signed a collaboration agreement with Kuwait Red Crescent Society to support needy families in Kuwait with consumer and food items basket during the holy month of Ramadan. The agreement is a continuation of the partnership with Kuwait red crescent society which has produced several social and human projects and initiatives inside and outside Kuwait.

KFH social efforts are compatible with its strategy to achieve sustainable growth and reflects its keenness to perform its social role as a leading financial institution at the private sector level while observing the significance of contusing the social voluntary teamwork and intensifying efforts during the month of Ramadan to better serve all society segments.