KUWAIT: Informed sources said there is coordination between the Dhaman hospitals company and health ministry to implement health insurance on a group of expats who will receive services at Dhaman hospitals during 2020 to coincide with their opening. It said the insurance premium will be KD 130 for each individual and will include expats who work in the private sector and their children.

The insurance will cover examinations, x-ray and medicine, the source said, adding that the law does not indicate the party that will present health care for expatriates on visit visas after activating the Dhaman system. As for dependents, the sources explained that it depends on the stand of the company the person who has family members on dependent visas works for.

Meanwhile, the sources said a media campaign will be announced to inform people about the mechanism of health insurance and treatment, adding that the current pricing at Dhaman clinics is similar to that in the private health sector. - Al-Anbaa