camcoKUWAIT: KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, and winner of the prestigious Kuwait Asset Manager of the Year Award 2015, hosted an interactive job shadowing day in collaboration with Injaz- Kuwait. The event consisted of lectures, activities and a certificate distribution ceremony for the 41 attending students. Commerce students from the Caramel Indian School were invited to the job-shadowing event that took place at the KAMCO offices in Al Shaheed Tower, during which several KAMCO employees representing different departments explained the responsibilities tied to their positions within the company.

The purpose of the on-site visit was to inform the students about the different departmental duties and responsibilities, while gaining insight into how specific roles operate within an investment company. The presenters used a combination of interactive lectures and activities to engage the young talented minds. Faisal Hasan, KAMCO’s Chief Business Development Officer, emphasized the importance of collaborating with organizations such as Injaz-Kuwait that take initiatives in leading, supporting and educating future generations. He said that early preparation provides insight to the younger generation that would positively affect our society in the future. Hasan added, “Injaz-Kuwait skillfully provides aspiring students with the necessary tools and real-life experience they need in order to improve their chances of having a successful future ahead. We would like to recognize Injaz-Kuwait for their continual support towards local youth development and the private sector.” “We believe that the job-shadowing event helps in providing the young talented candidates with a better understanding of our day to day activities within the departments.

They get a feel for some of the daily duties we carry out within KAMCO, while having the opportunity to ask an experienced employee. We are pleased with the outcome of the event and will continue to invest our time and effort in corporate social responsibility initiatives that focus primarily on education and local youth development,” added Hasan. KAMCO actively participates and sponsors various events that target fresh graduates in search of talented candidates that fit the company’s criteria. KAMCO has participated in sponsoring and hosting achievement ceremonies to recognize and congratulate those who have successfully completed their CFA certification.

The company also collaborates with nonprofit organizations to partake in the development of the local education system, in order to promote youth development. These activities fall under KAMCO’s corporate social responsibility agenda to support and improve the education sector.