A screenshot from the Walt Disney movie ‘The Jungle Book’
A screenshot from the Walt Disney movie ‘The Jungle Book’

‘Jungle Book’ Dominating with $38 Million Weekend

Awareness of different cancer types is crucial in the fight against cancer, and a comprehensive national plan is essential due to its significance in saving lives. Scientific studies emphasize the importance of health awareness, especially regarding various cancer types. This awareness encompasses understanding both the risk factors and the initial symptoms of the disease, as well as being aware of health programs that facilitate early detection and higher recovery rates.

Cancer, being a chronic disease with mostly unknown causes, prompts an ongoing race in scientific studies to shed light on various aspects related to this ailment. Studies in the Gulf countries have revealed a low rate of cancer awareness, averaging around 49 percent, with this percentage being linked to knowledge about risk factors and initial symptoms.

In particular, awareness about common cancers like breast cancer is even lower, with a rate of approximately 46 percent. Insufficient awareness is evident in screening practices, as indicated by the low percentages of breast X-rays for deserving women in Kuwait (14.6 percent), Saudi Arabia (4.9 percent), Oman (8.9 percent) and UAE (13.9 percent). Similarly, the percentage of pap smear tests for women aged 25 to 49 is low in Kuwait (17.7 percent), Saudi Arabia (7.6 percent), Oman (10.6 percent) and UAE (28 percent). Kuwait, however, stands out among these Gulf countries, showcasing the success of its awareness programs.

To make a substantial impact, these programs need to be intensified to achieve a public awareness percentage of over 90 percent, particularly regarding knowledge of risk factors and the initial symptoms of cancer that warrant a visit to the doctor. Awareness is easily accessible, thanks to renowned campaigns such as Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) in Kuwait. The media office and non-profit organizations, including the Patients Helping Fund, Sidra Society and Positive Support Foundation, have played a significant role in promoting health awareness.

Their collaboration has resulted in the successful activation of Gulf Cancer Awareness Week, inaugurated by Health Minister Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi on January 31, demonstrating their understanding of its crucial importance. Several years ago, the percentage of advanced cancer cases visiting clinics was as high as 50 percent in some countries; today, it has dropped to approximately 27 percent. This reduction serves as an indication of the success of awareness campaigns.

Considering that the recovery rate doubles or even triples with early detection, the impact of these awareness programs on the number of individuals cured from cancer is substantial. As emphasized at the beginning of this column, awareness about cancer will continue to be the cornerstone of success in combating this disease. It is hoped that the state will increase its support for these efforts, recognizing their significant contribution to the well-being of individuals in our country.

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