KUWAIT: Nutritionist Dr Nawal Al-Hamad invited national juice production companies to a meeting to discuss voluntary participation in a national campaign to reduce the amount of sugar in their products. This was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a meeting on reducing sugar intake in the Middle East held in 2015, as sugar is the main reason behind tooth cavities, obesity and diabetes. Hamad explained WHO recommended only a maximum of 10 percent of daily energy intake should come from sugar, ie 50 gm daily.

The meeting was attended by representatives from KDCow, KDD, ABC and Petra, in addition to Chairman of the Kuwait Union of Consumer Co-operative Societies (KUCCS) Saad Al-Shabo, KUCCS Manager Bader Al-Radaan and Kuwait Foodstuff Merchants and Manufacturers Union's Deputy Director Nabil Foudah. They all expressed willingness to take part in the campaign and recommended expanding it to other GCC states.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi