KUWAIT: Four persons robbed a jewelry store around two months ago, stealing valuables worth KD 8,500. The four burgled the same store again, but when they were leaving, police spotted them, chased them and arrested them. The four, all Jordanians, had $4,500 and KD2,260 in cash. They were sent to criminal detectives.

Expat mugged

Meanwhile, Ahmadi detectives are looking for five unidentified persons who robbed an expat from Ivory Coast. The victim told police that he was beaten by the thieves and they took KD 300 before escaping.

Officer insulted

A police corporal said two citizens beat and insulted him and lodged a complaint. A case was filed, and investigations are underway to identify and arrest the suspects. Separately, two female citizens were released on bail after being detained for insulting detectives. A security source said two criminal detectives told Salmiya police they were on duty when they stopped two women, who insulted them. The women denied the charges.

Physical assault

Three Syrian men traded accusations of physical assault and filed complaints at Khaitan police station. The first party accused the other two of beating him, but the two denied his claims and accused the man of beating them.

Drug possession

A security source said Ahmadi police suspected a car with three persons inside in Hadiya. When the three were asked to get out to search the car, they resisted violently, so backup was called and they were brought under control. Drugs, drugs paraphernalia, a knife and an axe were found.

Pink tablets

A police patrol noticed a man walking in an empty yard, and when they approached him, he ran away. He was chased and caught while throwing a ball of foil, and when it was checked, 30 pink tablets were inside. The suspect, Bangladeshi, was sent to concerned authorities. - Al-Anbaa