KUWAIT: The criminal court sentenced a Kuwaiti producer for 10 years in jail and fined him KD 50,000, while his Iraqi partner was sentenced to seven years, a KD 35,000 fine and deportation after being convicted of money laundering and trading in drugs. The Interior Ministry had announced the arrest of the suspect and charged him with trading in drugs using his show business company as a cover for his illegal activities as he turned his office into a laboratory producing the 'chemical' (spice) drug chemical. It said the suspect was importing raw material from abroad and took advantage of the fact that the substances are not included in the list of restricted material, as he imported them in as cosmetics material.



The repercussions of a fight between two Egyptians that ended with one losing a finger, reached the police station as a dispute took place between an investigator and the station's chief, and escalated to insulting an employee while on duty. The fight began in Farwaniya when one of the Egyptians pulled a knife and severed the other's finger. He was taken to Farwaniya Hospital and obtained a report about his injury. The investigator then lodged a complaint against the chief.


Farwaniya police ended the activities of a Syrian and a bedoon who used to break in the cars of worshippers and shoppers to steal their belongings. Police found civil IDs and driver's licenses with the suspects. A patrol on seventh ring road suspected a car near Adballah Al-Mubarak, so they asked the driver to stop and found out that the two were ex-convicts and had theft cases against them. Police while searching the car found a large number of driver's licenses, civil IDs and money. The two confessed to breaking into worshippers cars. Both were arrested and sent to concerned authorities. Separately, an Egyptian gave a man a ride in Jleeb while headed to Ardhiya. The man spoke about how poor he was and that he cannot meet his children's requirements, so the Egyptian gave him KD 5 to help him, but on reaching his destination he snatched the wallet and escaped. The Egyptian, who could not leave his car on the highway, went to Ardhiya police station and lodged a complaint. Detectives are working on the case.

Drug dealer arrested

A drugs dealer was arrested along with two of his friends by Jahra detectives, who received a tip about the man selling "shabu"(meth) in Waha, so an undercover was sent and the arrest was made during the exchange. The suspect told police where the "shabu" was being kept in a Jahra stable. When they arrived there they found two people who attempted to escape but were caught. Police found out that the two were wanted on other cases. The shabu dealer was sent to DCGD while the other two were sent to concerned authorities.


A Bangladeshi expat sustained several bruises when he was hit by a car while chasing two sheep belonging to his sponsor after escaping. The Bangladeshi was unloading three sheep from his sponsor's pick-up, when two of the sheep ran away, so he chased the other two and while crossing the street he was hit by a car driven by a woman, as the two sheep disappeared. - Translated from the Arabic press