KUWAIT: Jahra district attorney ordered the arrest and summon of an Arab man who allegedly assaulted a doctor physically and verbally, leaving him with a broken leg, Al-Anbaa reported. In this regard, security sources stressed that the suspect would be arrested shortly as he is already identified through the civil ID of his son, whom he had taken to the doctor for treatment.

Notably, Interior Ministry operations had received a report about a person dressed in traditional clothes assaulting a doctor at Northern Sulaibiya clinic. Rushing to the scene, police found that the Egyptian doctor had been brutally beaten and could not walk due to a leg bone fracture. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital.

The doctor reported that the assailant accompanied his son into the clinic where he argued with him while diagnosing his son. The suspect insulted and assaulted him before fleeing the clinic, the doctor said. Police were able through preliminary investigations and CCTV camera tape inspection to identify the suspect as a Syrian man who had accompanied his sick son to the clinic. Further investigations are in progress.