Ambassador of Italy to Kuwait Carlo Baldocci

KUWAIT: The Embassy of Italy in Kuwait celebrates from 11 to 15 December the sixtieth anniversary of the Italian recognition of the State of Kuwait (1961-2021). Every day of the week there are events and initiatives aimed to emphasize - in the various sectors - the importance and extraordinary quality of a relationship that has grown stronger over the years, reaching the current levels of excellence.

The relationship between Italy and Kuwait is a friendship relationship that has also been consolidated through the common will to contribute to regional and international stability and security. A friendship that has developed over the years, tempered by closeness in difficult moments, which are always those in which the meaning of friendship itself is truly measured.

In this regard, the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes in the preface to the volume on "Bilateral relations between Italy and Kuwait" published by the Embassy for the occasion: "Our civil societies generously contribute to these profitable dynamics, whose mutual solidarity and closeness has never failed. So it was thirty years ago for Italy in favor of the liberation of Kuwait; so it was in 2020 for Kuwait, in support and in aid of Italy, hit first and, at least initially, more than others during the most acute phase of the pandemic emergency. We look very confidently, with sentiments of friendship and respect, to our common future! "

To celebrate this important moment of bilateral relations, the "Quartetto Indaco" (Indigo Quartet) will hold two concerts on December 11 and 12, the first organized by the Embassy of Italy together with the International Women's Group (IWG) at the Auditorium of the National Library of Kuwait, the second by the Embassy at the Yarmouk Cultural Center Theater.

The Ambassador of Italy to Kuwait, Carlo Baldocci, said he was happy for these two events, which represent, among other things - in compliance with the health rules - a live reopening of the country to the great Italian musical tradition, after difficult months marked worldwide by the pandemic closures. He added: "I am pleased that this takes place in close collaboration with the Accademia Chigiana, which had already been here twice, in November 2019 and in February 2020, with the Bel Canto and the Duo Federiciano, events that had recorded an important success of public and critics.

I would like to underline that these two Concerts, besides celebrating an important anniversary in the history of bilateral relations, open the 2021-2022 musical season of Italy in Kuwait, which the Italian Embassy is currently defining and which will include next year up to six appointments between ensembles, soloists and singing in Kuwait."

Typhoon aircraft

In the immediately following days, the extraordinariness of the relations between Italy and Kuwait will also be sealed through the arrival in Kuwait of the first two Typhoon aircraft delivered to the Kuwaiti Air Force, as part of the Eurofighter Program signed by Leonardo. "A very important moment of the extraordinary collaboration between our two Countries," Ambassador Baldocci specified.

The inauguration of two important exhibitions, respectively on December 14 and 15, the first on "Islamic Art, from the Bargello of Florence to Kuwait" at the Amricani Cultural Center, presented by the curator Professor Giovanni Curatola and the second on "Italian Urban Planning in Kuwait", presented by Prof Bico Belgiojoso, of Studio BPPR of Milan, both organized by the Embassy of Italy, represent other highlights of the five days of celebrations for the sixtieth anniversary of the Italian Recognition of Kuwait.

The Exhibition from the Bargello at Amricani represents an important opportunity to enhance the dialogue between the Islamic Art collections of the two Countries, thus continuing the long series of initiatives that on several occasions have brought the Al-Sabah Collection to Italy, from Florence, to Milan and finally to Rome. Thus making objects dialogue and testify to a world of contacts and relationships, exchanges, mutual learning and influences.

The Exhibition on Italian urban planning in Kuwait, taking place at "Spazio Italia - Kuwait", the area of the Embassy, dedicated to strengthening the people-to-people dimension of the bilateral relations, tells a journey of suggestions and intense work that from 1969 to 1990 contributed to the urban development of part of Kuwait City. "It is also on the basis of these extraordinary successes that we look with confidence and optimism to the next sixty years of the great friendship between Italy and Kuwait," concluded Ambassador Baldocci.