Kuwaiti media delegation visits Ur city southern Iraq

NASIRIYAH: Dhi Qar governor Yahia Al-Nasseri receives visiting Kuwaiti media delegation. — KUNA

NASIRIYAH: Dhi Qar governorate, famous for historical sites and rich natural resources, welcomes with open arms all Kuwaiti investors and tourists, said an Iraqi official yesterday. During his reception of a visiting Kuwaiti media delegation, Dhi Qar governor Yahia Al-Nasseri lauded the strong relations linking Kuwait and Iraq, affirming that what have occurred during the era of the Saddam regime should not distort the historic ties between the two countries. Governor Al-Nasseri said that the southern Iraqi governorate of Dhi Qar has much to offer to Kuwaiti investors.

Briefing the delegation on the investment and touristic opportunities, he revealed that Dhi Qar was the fourth Iraqi governorate in terms of oil production with an output of 200,000 barrels per day and a reserve of about 20 to 30 billion barrels. The governor indicated that there were 1,200 touristic sites in the region, adding that the locations might increase with the continuing of archaeological excavations.

The governorate had made contracts to promote religious tourism in the region, namely the Christian sites in the city of Ur and elsewhere, revealed Al-Nasseri, who added that several foreign oil companies have signed deals to excavate for oil in Dhi Qar. Meanwhile, Kuwaiti Consul to Basra City, Ambassador Yousef Al-Sabbaq, who attended the meeting, took the chance to thank the governorate of Dhi Qar for facilitating visits by Kuwaiti tourists to the region.

The Dhi Qar authorities' goodwill was clearly visible during the tragic event of November last year when a number of Kuwaiti tourists were killed and injured in a horrific traffic accident, said the Kuwaiti diplomat who lauded the governorate's role in providing facilities to bring back the injured Kuwaitis. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti media delegation met with head of the Dhi Qar governorate's council Hameed Al-Ghazi.

Al-Ghazi welcomed the Kuwaiti media delegation, saying that their visit will contribute to the development of relations. Dhi Qar governorate is keen on attracting Arab investors and this is a priority, said Al-Ghazi who indicated that the people of Dhi Qar welcome all visitors especially those coming from Kuwait. The Kuwaiti media delegation arrived last Sunday for talks with local officials and visit to archeological sites in the nearby Dhi Qar Governorate. The delegation also includes KUNA Deputy Director General for Editorial Saad Al-Ali, Chief Editor of Al-Anbaa Newspaper Yusu Al-Marzouq, Chief Editor of Kuwait Times Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alyan, Media Advisor at His Highness the Prime Minister's Diwan Hassan Al-Sayegh, and others.

Delegation visits Ur

Organized by the Iraq Journalists Syndicate (IJS), the visiting Kuwaiti media delegation was taken on a tour to the southern Iraqi city of Ur in the governorate of Dhi Qar. During the visit, Iraqi archaeologist Ammar Abdulrazzaq briefed the delegation on the on the history of Ur, a city which was founded around 5,000 BC. The delegation was introduced to the Ziggurat of Ur, a historical site dating back to the year 2112 BC. Sumerian King Ur-Nammu built the Ziggurat of Ur-located west of Dhi Qar's capital Al-Nassiriya city.

The city of Ur is also believed to be host of a dwelling belonging to Prophet Ibrahim, the father of monotheism. The city of Ur was included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) World Heritage sites. The Kuwaiti media delegation arrived last Sunday for talks with local officials and visit to archeological sites in the nearby Dhi Qar Governorate.- Agencies