KUWAIT: The interior ministry has stopped receiving applications from wives of Kuwaitis who wish to get Kuwait nationality in anticipation of a National Assembly vote on a proposed law which calls for the amendment of article 8 of Amiri decree 15/1995, as the Cabinet approved it earlier this week. The proposed law has some conditions, including that a Kuwaiti's wife has to declare her wish to obtain Kuwait nationality, in addition to having the marriage continue till their son reaches 18 years of age. In case the husband dies or a divorce takes place during these years, the son has the right to declare his mother's wish to obtain the nationality. The proposed law gave the interior minister the authority to treat a foreign woman married to a Kuwaiti as a citizen after declaring her wish and having the marriage continue for three years from the date of her declaring her wish. The proposed law stopped the naturalization of Kuwaiti women's children whose fathers' nationalities are unknown, while it allowed the minister to consider naturalization of children of Kuwaiti mothers from bedoon fathers. - Al-Anbaa