KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior terminated the services of more than 800 Arab expatriate employees, mostly Egyptians, and gave them a month to finish their dismissal procedures. Sources revealed to Kuwait Times that these employees are in the administrative sector, and some of them are in the positions of legal advisers.

They were distributed to several departments in the Ministry of Interior, such as the General Administration of Nationality, Passports and Traffic, and the Automated Information Center. “The decision to terminate their services came from a decision of the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, with the aim of Kuwaitizing jobs and addressing the demographic imbalance,” the sources added.

These departments in the Ministry of Interior are looking for Kuwaitis who can replace the expat workers. “The 800 sacked workers represent the first batch, which will be followed by another batch in the coming months. The aim is to replace expatriate workers in sensitive sectors such as the traffic department,” the sources indicated.