KUWAIT: Ministry of Interior, on Thursday, called on drivers and beachgoers to exercise caution due to unstable weather, in addition to the warnings of the Meteorological Department of the possibility of rainfall in the coming days. In a press statement, the ministry also called on everyone not to hesitate and to call (112) when facing any emergency.

Kuwait Meteorological Department said the heat will continue on Friday with hot wind. The accumulating clouds may be accompanied by scattered rains that could be thunderous. Some areas may witness sand storms. Head of Meteorological department Abdelaziz Al-Qarawi said that Friday's weather will be partly cloudy and humid along the coastal areas.

The winds will be light-to-moderate South-easterly and may reach 40 km at times. The expected temperature will be around 41-43 degrees Celsius. The sea is expected to have moderate waves - and may reach 6 ft at times. Saturday's weather is expected to be partly cloudy and humid along the coastal areas - with light-to-moderate winds.

There are chances of scattered rains which might be thunderous at times. The expected temperatures will be between 38-40 degrees Celsius. "The weather at night will be partly cloudy with variable winds. There might be scattered rains and low temperatures of about 29-31 degrees Celsius,' Al-Qarawi said.