Co-creator promises book on Kuwait soon

KUWAIT: Copies published under the ‘Those Who Inspire’ book series. —KUNA

KUWAIT: 'Those Who Inspire' is a book first published in 2011 with the aim of shedding light on inspiring people from various countries from around the world, but the book has transformed into something bigger, an inspiring work and movement.

The idea turned into a movement and a project bigger than just a book, the purpose was to follow-up on those inspirational figures who disseminate their stories to local communities and on to the world, but to continue to follow-up those inspiring people.

Such figures transformed into mentors or role models and become active with their fans, mainly youths, and become integral part of their lives, some of them already famous figures, some of them did not become famous but do deserve to be in the spotlight.

Delphine Barets, the co-creator/editor and partner of the movement 'Those Who Inspire' said that in each country they discover certain issues, like for example in Hong Kong "it used to be possible to disagree with someone without coming to blows," says former Chief Secretary Anson Chan, a veteran civil servant and democracy advocate who has been described as the "conscience of Hong Kong." Chan is one of 67 people profiled in Those Who Inspire. Hong Kong, a new book that highlights people from all walks of life who have made Hong Kong a better place.

"Our book is for millennials," Barets said. The book is just one part of a larger project that Barets launched with Marlene Plomik in 2011. The two Frenchwomen were working on a communications strategy for the Oman government when they realized many stories about the Gulf state were not being told. Rather than create a 'Who's Who' type directory of the country's elite, they decided to focus on the full spectrum of those who have made Oman one of the most peaceful places in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Barets said there would be soon a 'Those Who Inspire' book on Kuwait, covering inspiring people ranging from a 14 years-old girl up to human rights activists, business icons, and various others people.

Barets praised cooperation she got from the ministry of Youth Affairs, especially for their help and suggestions on figures they should check. The French author noted that after Kuwait, they are planning a 'Those Who Inspire' book on Qatar.

'Those Who Inspire' soon grew to include workshops and seminars, all of it financed by bulk sales of the book to companies, who donate them to schools and community groups. For each book sold, one is donated, and all of the people profiled list their email address so they can be directly contacted for advice and mentoring. After Oman, Barets and Plomik went to the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, before finally coming to Hong Kong in early 2016. Barets says her goal is to produce at least one book for a country on each continent. - KUNA