Kuwait: The consumer prices on annual basis grew by 3.15 percent by the end of 2022 compared with the year before, according to the State of Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau (KCSB).

The bureau, in a report to KUNA issued on Sunday said that inflation rate rose 0.17 percent in December, on Monthly basis, due to increase of prices of all main groups that influence movement of the key indices particularly food and education.

Record number of the first group (Food and beverages) went up by 7.48 percent, compared to December 2021, while the price index of the second group (cigarettes and tobacco) rose slightly by 0.22 percent on an annual basis.

The consumer price index (CPI) for the clothing group rose 5.35 percent on yearly basis, while rates of (housing services) rose by 1.44 percent. Moreover, inflation rate in the furnishing equipment household increased by 1.69 percent.

The KCSB said the health index rose 2.63 percent while rates of transport moved up by 2.85 percent.

Communication rose by 1.0 percent, culture and entertainment went up by 3.13 percent while education rose by 0.40 percent.

Restaurants and hotel climbed on yearly basis in December by 3.51 percent, services and miscellaneous goods by 4.75 percent.