KUWAIT: Two Indian women were allegedly trafficked to Kuwait by a compatriot in India, local Indian newspapers reported yesterday. The two women, a 24 year old woman and her 45 year old mother, were promised well-paying office jobs by a recruitment agent in Tamil Nadu. But upon arrival in Kuwait, they both had their passports confiscated and were sent to work as domestic helpers.

The mother-daughter duo worked in different houses and the mother was sent to work in a home in Saudi Arabia, reported The Hindu yesterday. The women eventually managed, after several months of captivity, to place an international call back home to a neighbor to tell them what had happened.

"They were kept prisoners at their last employer's house, but after several months, they got the opportunity to make an international call and contacted their neighbor on November 26. They told him about the trafficker and shared his contact details," The Hindu quoted local police as saying.

The neighbor, a 30 year old taxi driver, then lured the trafficker to a meeting and eventually took him by force to the police station in India where a complaint was filed and the alleged trafficker was arrested. The fate of the two women in Kuwait or their current whereabouts remains unknown.