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IKEA celebrates goodness and invites everyone to eat good and live better

IKEA’s vision is to inspire and enable everyone to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet. In line with this commitment, IKEA plays an important role to provide affordable and desirable solutions that inspire and enable as many people as possible to live healthier and more sustainably. One of the key focus areas to fulfil this vision is related to sustainable and healthy eating.

“As one of the world’s largest food providers, IKEA took a step towards making healthy and sustainable food more affordable and desirable for everyone. By adding more options to the menu in our restaurants that are both more nutritious and delicious, we hope to inspire more healthy and sustainable choices,” said Mersad El Aji, Manager of IKEA Kuwait. According to recent science research, living in a way that is good for yourself, others and the environment is viewed by 54 percent of people across the world as an important priority. People believe that eating less red meat and more fruits and vegetables is good for both people and the planet.

“At IKEA we have already made a meaningful start on this journey. Today, we have full plant-based and healthier food options on the menu in our restaurants. The recent addition is the plant ball HUVUDROLL; a more sustainable option for the many meatball lovers with only 4percent of the climate footprint of the traditional meatball, without compromising on taste and texture “, added El Aji. “While many people still think that the biggest barrier to living a healthy and sustainable life is that it’s too expensive, at IKEA we believe that healthy and sustainable choices can’t be a luxury for the few but should be tasty, exciting and affordable for everyone” he continued.

“The aim of making affordable plant-based food, is to make it affordable and desirable for all. Not to create a meat replacement, but to offer healthier, more sustainable and delicious food, that everyone could enjoy. At the end of the day, no one will eat something that is not tasty, no matter how sustainable it is. IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, once famously said: ‘It’s difficult to do business with someone on an empty stomach. ” “I am inviting everyone to join us at IKEA The Avenues to taste goodness, healthy food andthe variousrecipes rooted within the Swedish cuisine. Good food deserves to be celebrated.  It can always help us have a better life.  Start the movement with us, eat good to live better!! Mersad El Aji concluded.


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