KUWAIT: An inter-school quiz competition was organized by the Bengali Cultural Society on Sept 23 2022. The teams from all Indian schools competed for the preliminary round and the final round, which consisted of a variety of rounds, namely- audio visual round, namesake round, connectivity round, 'Guess the merged faces of personalities' and so on.

The flag bearer of ICSK Khaitan, Miss Malavika Vinod proudly waved the school flag when the host announced that The Indian Community School Khaitan was one of the top six teams going to the final round. Both the teams of ICSK Khaitan had successfully qualified for the preliminary round, moving forward to the finale round.

The winning team won trophies, a cash prize of 400 KD and two Al Jazeera airplane tickets. The entire ICSK Khaitan family including the management congratulated the winning team and appreciated their performance in the most prestigious quiz competition among Indian schools in Kuwait.