KUWAIT: Touching the zenith of pride once again and adding one more feather to the crown of ICSK, Khaitan, 12 vibrant young minds of class 9 to 11 stood out with their outstanding performances in the Coloquio Model Global Summit 2020. Coloquio Model Global Summit 2020 was an initiative by six students from The Doon School, Welham' Girls' School, and Sriram Centennial School in association with Gyan Rashmi Training and Advisory, India.

They conducted an Inter school virtual conference for students of classes 9 to 12 recently, wherein they brought together a myriad of portfolios from around the globe, such as South Africa, Uruguay, Nepal, ASEAN, IMF, Cambodia, USA and more. By assigning the students' several portfolios, which helped them understand better functioning of nations and international organizations, it enhanced their critical thinking abilities, helping them hone their leadership qualities and better their communication skills.

They were selected for the outstanding delegates, delegations, position papers, etc. The excellent and unique performance which exhibited their great oratory skills made them victorious. The Award winning delegations represented by ICSK Khaitan are: Verbal mention - World Bank, Honorable mention 2 - Nepal, High commendation 1 - Uruguay, Best Delegation Award - South Africa, Best position paper - South Africa.

The Delegate Awardees of ICSK Khaitan are: Best Delegate Award - Akash Alexes, Most Outstanding Delegate - Khaluq Hussain, High Commendation 2- Hima Jameela, Honorable mention 2- Mohammed Abdullah, Verbal Mention - Liana Wilson, Best Position Paper -Hima Jameela. The management of the school congratulated the students for their victorious performances.