KUWAIT: A brain tumor resection was successfully carried out in Kuwait without any complications, marking the first successful surgery of its kind to be carried out in the country without the presence of visiting doctors, Al-Qabas Arabic daily reported yesterday.

The procedure was carried out in Ibn Sina Hospital by surgeon Dr Mohammad Al-Manabri, along with Dr Abdallah Al-Shaweesh and Dr Dragan Savic. The procedure was carried out on a 15-year-old girl who suffered from a schwannoma that put pressure on sensitive areas of the brain.

Due to the lack of visiting doctors because of COVID-19, a decision was made to immediately remove the tumor with the approval of the head of nerves surgery department Dr Tareq Al-Sheikh, head of the unit Dr Yousuf Al-Awadhi and Hospital Director Dr Abbass Ramadhan.

The operation lasted nearly 10 hours to extract the 3.5cm tumor, without any complications. The girl was discharged after her condition stabilized and her situation is being monitored continuously.