Kuwaiti fashion designer Muntaha Al-Ajeel Kuwaiti fashion designer
Muntaha Al-Ajeel

The continuous success of the Kuwaiti fashion designer Muntaha Al-Ajeel  is a major addition to the world of fashion and beauty, with her fashion designs dazzling Hollywood stars such as the American actress Kali Hawk who wore one of her designs in the film Fifty Shades of Black which has been released recently.

Muntaha Al-Ajeel is the most dynamic name in fashion design in- the Arabian Gulf. From the very beginning she set her sights on the international stage creating designs that distinguished her with their uniqueness, beauty and elegance.

She was awarded the Middle East Businesswomen fashion award, the Elegance Icon title, the Honors Award, the International Pioneering award organized by the American Leadership Development Association, the Federation of GCC Chambers and the International Emirati Group. The award is meant for expert business leaders, and it was the first award given to a woman leader in fashion.

In recognition of her international fashion shows, she was invited by the UN to organize a special fashion show for some of the world's First Ladies. Al-Ajeel is a member of the Fashion Group International in New York and a member of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce.