Tokyo: The acclaimed action game "Death Stranding" will be adapted for the silver screen, according to its Japanese creator Hideo Kojima, who will co-produce the film through his company.

Kojima called the decision "a pivotal moment for the franchise" in a statement, three years after the video game's much-hyped 2019 release.

US film production company Hammerstone Studios will make the film in tandem with Kojima Productions, which on Friday tweeted an article by Deadline about the project along with a string of emojis including a thumbs-up and a dolphin.

Kojima also posted on social media about the article, in which he was quoted as saying he "couldn't be more excited about this new partnership".

The PlayStation and PC game "Death Stranding" is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the United States are no longer united, and a curious form of rainfall accelerates ageing.

It features an A-list voice cast including Norman Reedus from TV drama "The Walking Dead", and James Bond stars Lea Seydoux and Mads Mikkelsen.

A sequel for PlayStation 5 is also in the works.

Known for his revered "Metal Gear" series, Kojima launched his own studio seven years ago after parting with game creator Konami.

The Japanese gamemaker, who is a big film buff, jokes that "70 percent of my body is made of movies" on his Twitter profile.