KUWAIT: Kuwait's Minister of Health Dr Khaled Al-Saeed encouraged the full return of students to schools, pointing out that this will be done in cooperation with the ministry of education. The coronavirus pandemic did not end yet, but it is declining, the minister said yesterday, stressing that the decision for students' full return to schools was in hands of the ministry of education. Coronavirus cases have continued steep decline in Kuwait over the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, Dr Saeed said that health security is an integral part of national security, underlining that countries' reliance on their local capabilities and resources in case of emergency is extremely vital. This came in his speech during a ceremony held by the Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical (KSP) on the inauguration of the first line to produce 26 pharmaceutical products owned by Abbott Laboratories, in implementation of the agreement to localize the manufacture of these products.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al-Shuraian (left) participates in the inauguration ceremony.


One of the most vital goals of the ministry is to start the first step to manufacture important medicines in Kuwait to meet local and possibly regional needs in the near future, Dr Saeed stressed. This stage is being started with the US company Abbott, which has initiated cooperation with KSP to accomplish this project, while there is more partnership with other companies to achieve the desired goal that will be announced soon, he added. The success of localizing the manufacture of pharmaceutical products from a leading international company reflects the capabilities of local private companies operating in this sector, as it gives Kuwait a guaranteed stock of these products, Dr Saeed said.

In the meantime, Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al-Shuraian said in his speech during the ceremony that this is the first foreign investment in Kuwait of this size in the health sector, and it is also the first time that an international company in this sector has localized manufacturing in Kuwait. It will also be the first time that products that are used around the world bear the "Made in Kuwait" label, he pointed out, noting that it is an achievement for the Kuwaiti economy as it pushes its industry and local capabilities internationally.

Charge d'Affaires at the US Embassy James Holtsnider highlighted in his speech the importance of this investment in the context of bilateral economic ties between both sides, explaining the role of the US Chamber of Commerce in facilitating this partnership and strengthening economic ties between them. In the meantime, Chairman and Managing Director at KSP Dr Rashed Khazal said that they have worked hard during the past eight months to prepare for this day and launch the manufacturing line of Abbott Laboratories products bearing the "Made in Kuwait" label. - KUNA