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By B Izzak

KUWAIT: Clouds of disagreement between MPs and the government appeared on Sunday as MP Abdulwahab Al-Essa claimed the government has lost the leadership’s support and MP Metab Al-Enezi said he will grill the justice minister for undermining national unity. The level of cooperation between the National Assembly and the government looked well set as the two bodies discussed priority issues and legislation ahead of opening the new legislative term last Tuesday.

But MP Essa said that the speech of HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, read on behalf of HH the Amir, “has withdrawn confidence of the leadership from the government and erased political and legitimate cover” normally granted to the government. In the speech he opened with the new term, HH Sheikh Mishal criticized the government, saying its performance is still below the expectations and aspirations of the Kuwaiti people, adding that despite total support by the leadership, it remains hesitant in taking decisions and very slow in implementing them.

“The moral and political consequences of the speech mean that the government has lost its political trust,” Essa said in a statement. The lawmaker said this form of relations between the leadership and the government has serious implications on the country, especially when the Middle East is witnessing a war, compounded with regional challenges.

He said Kuwait is facing security challenges in the Khor Abdullah waterway shared with Iraq and also in the Durra gas field, in which Iran claims a share. Essa charged that as a result of the government’s inaction, there is total paralysis in the country. The lawmaker announced he will not cooperate with the government and will support all no-confidence motions against ministers.

Meanwhile, MP Enezi said on Sunday that he will grill Justice Minister and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Faleh Al-Ruqubah for allegedly threatening national unity regarding the appointment of new deputy prosecutors. “The appointment of the deputy prosecutors is a serious issue that cannot be tolerated,” said Enezi, adding that “the appointments represent ugly discrimination among citizens” and clearly undermine national unity.

He did not provide specific details about his objections to the appointments, but it appears the lawmaker is angered that the new prosecutors are not representatives of all sections of the society. Enezi said he sent questions over the matter to the justice minister over a month ago but got no replies.

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