Attorney Fajer Ahmed

It is holiday season and I am so excited. So many people are celebrating different occasions and it seems like a joyful, loving time for people all around the world.

Many people in Kuwait have left their homes and their families to be here with us, working, and making Kuwait a better place; working for our companies, teaching our kids, cleaning our streets, selling us our favorite brands, making our food and so on. Let us be nice to them, let us thank them kindly. Let them feel welcomed. Let us wish them a lovely holiday celebration, whatever their holiday is.

I know how it feels to live away from your family and your home; I chose to leave to the states for months on end, for my college and closing client deals, and sometimes I missed home and my culture. So let us make sure everyone is welcome in the State of Kuwait.

Christmas holiday

Question: I understand that because we live in a Muslim country, we are entitled to days off for Muslim holidays, but I am a practicing Christian and would really enjoy to have a few days off for Christmas instead.

Fajer: By law you are entitled to the holidays mentioned in Article 68 and not for Christmas Day as follows:

Article 68 of Kuwait labor law states: "Fully-paid official holidays are as follows:

a- Hegira New Year: 1 day

b- Isra' and Mi'raj day: 1 day

c- Eid Al-Fitr: 3 days

d- Waqfat Arafat: 1 day

e- Eid Al-Adha: 3 days

f- Prophet's Birthday (Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi): 1 day

g- National Day: 1 day

You get paid overtime as well as an extra day off for working on a holiday, so I suggest you talk to your boss and/or HR department and request a day off for Christmas. Many companies are understanding about their employees' needs and do give days off for Christmas. Hopefully that works out for you.

I wish you all a festive holiday regardless of your religious beliefs. Please remember to enjoy your time and respect those around you. Stay safe and legal.