halafeb (Top )Kuwaiti singers Ibrahim Dashti & Musaed Al-Blushi (Above) Iraqi singer Hatem Al-Iraqi & Moroccan singer Lamjarred

KUWAIT: For the first time since the Hala February Festival was launched 17 years ago, the administration decided to hold a musical concert on Saturday. And although the next day is regular working day the 2000 seats theatre was fully booked. Four singers participated in this concert, and the majority of the audience were of the young age category who stayed at the theatre until 4:30am.

The third musical concerts of the Festival held on Saturday night at the Ice Skating Rink started at 10:45pm with the young Kuwaiti singer Ibrahim Dashti. He participated in the popular reality show ‘Star Academy’ in 2009, and although he didn’t win the semifinals, yet he became famous soon after that. Dashti started produce single singles and then released a whole album last year. He also became an actor and a T.V presenter of different shows.

Dashti had many fans at the concert who were singing his popular songs and he also sang one song in Turkish language. As the concert started late and other three singers were on the program, the organizers let him finish soon, so he suddenly concluded at 11:35 while his fans were shouting not to leave.

The second singer to come on stage was the young Kuwaiti singer Musaed Al-Blushi, who came on stage at 12:00am. Al-Blushi had released five albums already, yet few songs only became popular. His fans enjoyed singing with him till he conclude at 1:05 am.

The third start of this concert was the long awaited Iraqi singer Hatim Al-Iraqi, who came on stage at 1:40am. He expressed his great honor and happiness to stand on this stage in Kuwait finally for the first time, although his songs are very well known in Kuwait. his fans couldn’t stop applauding and whistling calling his name. he is known for his romantic sad songs and mawals.

He started singing in early 1990s in Iraq, and became the first folkloric singer in Iraq in the 1990s. then he spread internationally and released his first album in 2002, which was followed by other albums. He concluded at 3:10am, while the fans were calling him to stay on stage and continue singing.

People were very much upset of the decision of the Ministry of Information to cut the live broadcasting on KTV and the radio station 103.7 and 93.3 of the concert after the second singer finished. Some bloggers posted comments that this decision came as some people refused to have an Iraqi singer singing at the festival, while they explained that there are concerns of repeating the scenario that happened with Tamer Husni the previous night again with the last singer Sa’ad Lamjarred.

This concert was concluded with the Moroccan young singer Sa’ad Lamjarred, who came on stage at 3:45am. Although the time was so late, yet more than half of the audience were still present to enjoy the last part of the concert. He participated in the popular show ‘Super Star’ in 2007, and in 2009 he released his first song in California, USA.

When LAmjarred came on stage he welcomed the audience in English and then said in Arabic that he is extremely happy to sing in Kuwait for the first time, and that Kuwait is the first GCC country to invite him to hold a concert at. He concluded at 4:30am

By Nawara Fattahova