Gulfnet launches advanced security solutions with top global partners Gulfnet launches advanced security solutions with top global partners

KUWAIT: Gulfnet has announced that it will be providing the latest and most advanced cybersecurity platform to the Gulf region through global strategic partnerships with leaders in cybersecurity. Through this new partnership with iboss Cybersecurity and FICO Cyber Analytics, Gulfnet aims to increase the level of security in the organizations' networks and protect against the most advanced and sophisticated cyberattacks.

"Data breaches are increasing in the region and organizations in the Gulf are targeted with the most advanced cyberattacks. Gulfnet has launched a portfolio of security services that is committed to bring the latest and the most advanced cybersecurity platforms to help in protecting our customers" said Ahmad Al-Ibrahim, Head of Technical and Carrier Services of Gulfnet Communications. "As an exclusive security partner of iboss Cybersecurity in the Gulf region, we believe that the partnership between iboss and FICO in combining both technologies will bring a great value to the customer and will mitigate the risk of cyber threats to a whole new level."

Analytic software firm FICO announced that its groundbreaking AI-based Cyber Analytics will be available as part of the iboss node-based, direct-to-cloud, containerized platform, a leading solution for cybersecurity and malware protection. FICO's Cyber Analytics models will improve detection of attacks, including new or "zero-day" attacks.

The partnership will create the first cyber threat score that measures the likelihood of malware infection and data breaches. FICO's patented behavioral analytics identify anomalous activity within milliseconds, using real-time transaction profiling and self-learning models. These analytics will score suspicious "behavior" of devices, users or servers, similar to the way that FICO's leading card fraud solution instantly scores billions of credit card transactions around the world daily. Through the cyber threat scores, FICO and iboss clients will now be able to more accurately quantify cyber threats and remediate them in real time to stop catastrophic infection and data loss before it occurs.

FICO and iboss Cybersecurity aim to dramatically reduce the "dwell time" - the time it takes to detect an advanced threat once it has breached an organization's infrastructure. Data is frequently stolen within minutes or hours after penetration. Lack of real-time detection is one reason why cyberattacks cost businesses an estimated $400 billion last year, and erode customer confidence.

"Partnering with like-minded, innovative companies like FICO and Gulfnet is helping iboss to continuously provide our leading node-based, direct-to-cloud web security to more businesses globally," said Pete Elmgren, Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales for iboss Cybersecurity. "Gulfnet's exclusive access to the Gulf region coupled with their unique access to the best cybersecurity platforms available will help bring iboss' proven cyber solutions to more businesses in the Middle East than ever before."

"FICO pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in fighting financial crimes with FICO Falcon Fraud Manager, which protects billions of payment cards worldwide," said Doug Clare, vice president of FICO Falcon Cybersecurity solutions. "Our data scientists hold more than 100 patents related to streaming behavioral analytics for attack detection, which are well-proven in the financial services and telecom industries. With iboss, we found the perfect partner to bring these technologies to one of the biggest problems facing society today."