Najla Al-Essa

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank is marking the successful launch of its 'Al-Danah Taghneek' song, which was released in celebration of Gulf Bank's newest Al-Danah Millionaire. In less than a week since its release, the song has gained over 1.7 million views on YouTube and more than 20 million collective views across various social media channels.

In honor of the occasion, Kuwait Pulse FM 88.8 hosted Gulf Bank's Assistant General Manager of Marketing, Najla Al-Essa, and the stars of the song, renowned artists singers Khaled Al-Mulla and Marwa Ben Sghaier. Essa and the singers discussed their experience in filming the song and the production of its various comedic scenes, which highlight the many life-altering possibilities that come with winning the Al-Danah account's grand prize.

The song was released ten days ago as part of Gulf Bank's virtual draw event that aired on Al-Rai TV, in addition to Kuwait Pulse FM 88.8 and the Bank's various social media channels. The song paints an exciting picture of all the possibilities that can come with winning Al-Danah's grand prize of KD 1,500,000 and alludes to the sheer size and magnitude of the Al-Danah prizes, including the many ways that winners can spend the draw prizes to enhance their lives forever.

Group picture of the production team.

Gulf Bank's Assistant General Manager of Marketing, Najla Al-Essa, commented: "This year's draw event to announce the Al-Danah account's grand prize winner was remarkable on several levels. For starters, it marked the first time that Gulf Bank has given out a prize equivalent to 1,500,000 Kuwaiti Dinars! To mark this special occasion, we collaborated with beloved artists Khaled Al-Mulla and Marwa Ben Sghaier to release a comedic and cheerful song that reflects all the joy that winning can bring, in addition to the impact that winning can have on someone's life.

We are extremely proud to mark the song as a success, especially considering the significant amount of views the song has garnered in such a short period of time. We are delighted at the song's success, and look forward to working on more projects that our clients can enjoy."

Essa added, "Although this year's annual Al-Danah draw event was held virtually in the interest of everyone's safety and in compliance with national health requirements, it is nevertheless one of the largest celebrations in Gulf Bank's history! In addition to giving out a draw prize that was bigger than ever, this year also marked the celebration of Gulf Bank's 60th anniversary.

For over six decades, Gulf Bank has been proud to honor its commitment to sustainability at the economic and community levels, all while offering its clients the highest levels of customer service. Now more than ever, it gives us great pride to be at our esteemed clients' service, and we look forward to continuing to serve them for many years to come."