KUWAIT: Gulf Bank
and the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) concluded the
first-ever career fair for people with disabilities in Kuwait. The career fair,
which took place on Wednesday at the MGRP Building in Reqqai, was designed to
pair those with disabilities with career opportunities while promoting an
active interest and involvement in the banking sector.

Gulf Bank's
General Manager of Human Resources, Salma Al-Hajjaj, said: "We were very
pleased with the amount of applicants that attended the career fair, and are
proud to have been a part of launching the first career fair of its kind in
Kuwait. During the day of the career fair, we conducted a number of on-the-spot
job interviews, with many applicants being accepted immediately.

As a result of
the career fair, we are proud to welcome 10 new colleagues, who will be joining
Gulf Bank at various branches and departments across Kuwait. Above all, we
appreciate the confidence that our applicants have placed in us, and always
strive to maintain the level of excellence that applicants have come to expect
of Gulf Bank. We are looking forward to celebrating their achievements, which
will undoubtedly be a part of shaping the future of the banking sector in

Gulf Bank is keen
on promoting a message of inclusion when it comes to hiring. Today, Gulf Bank
proudly employs people with disabilities among various branches, taking into
account the unique needs of each individual.