KUWAIT: As part of its efforts to consolidate the principles of sustainability in the society and following the requirements of the Central Bank of Kuwait, Gulf Bank announced its cooperation with SignCom, to provide instant translation services using sign language, for people with special needs, which provides Video Relay Services (VRS) as a mean of communication for deaf people, which is now accessible across six branches.

The bank provides an iPad inside each of the branches, that is designated for people with special needs, through which direct communication takes place via video calls with the call center. Hence, the customer is received by a sign language interpreter, who then translates the customer’s needs to an employee in the branch, and vice versa.

Gulf Bank’s Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking, Basel Al Assad, commented on this new service, stating: “We are keen to provide additional, and distinguished, services in our branches to support our customers’ experience, especially for those with special needs – ensuring that all their transactions are completed swiftly and with ease at all times.”

Al Assad pointed that Gulf Bank provides services to customers with special needs at six different branches distributed across Kuwait, specifically in the areas of: Bayan, Daiya, Adan, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Al-Ayoun and Hadiya. This comes as part of Gulf Bank’s commitment to promote financial literacy in society, and its continuous support towards the Let’s Be Aware “Diraya” campaign.

He stated that through its cooperation with SignCom, Gulf Bank seeks to provide more convenient alternatives for people with special needs – whether through direct communication with the branch employees or through the instant sign language interpretation services – indicating that the new service aims to reduce the waiting period for customers visiting the branches, especially in the event of an increase in the number of visitors.

Al Assad noted that the bank organizes sign language training courses annually for branch employees – to ensure that there is a sufficient number of sign language interpreters available in each branch – who are able to meet the customers’ requirements and provide them with a distinguished banking experience.

He further mentioned that the branches that provide services for people with special needs, are also easily accessible for people who use wheelchairs, due to their wide designs, that do not impede the movement of the wheelchairs. Additionally, the ATMs are easy to use, as they are placed at appropriate heights, and are equipped with keyboards consisting of Braille key top labels for the blind.  The ATMs also include headphones for voice guidance, with auditory instructions on how to conduct each transaction with convenience.

Gulf Bank’s vision is to be the leading Kuwaiti Bank of the Future. The Bank is constantly engaging and empowering its employees as part of an inclusive and diversified workplace in recognition of every employee’s role in delivering customer excellence and serving the community at large. With its extensive network of branches and innovative digital services, Gulf Bank is able to give its customers the choice of how and where to conduct their banking transactions, all while ensuring a simple and seamless banking experience.

Gulf Bank is committed to maintaining robust developments in sustainability at environmental, social and governance levels through diverse sustainability initiatives, strategically selected to benefit the Bank both internally and externally. Gulf Bank supports Kuwait Vision 2035 “New Kuwait” and works with various parties to achieve it.