KUWAIT: During a wonderful evening filled with culture and entertainment at the Yarmouk Club Theater in Mishref, Gulf Bank announced Moza Abdulwahab Ali Al-Asfour, the lucky winner of its Al-Danah millionaire account’s grand prize: KD 1,500,000. The winner was announced following Gulf Bank’s comedic play, “A Successful Deposit” in the presence of representatives from both the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ernst & Young.

The Al-Danah millionaire is one of the most rewarding savings accounts in Kuwait, with its periodic draws that have been creating millionaires since its launch in 1998. Gulf Bank proudly creates two millionaires a year, having announced its first millionaire winner of the year last July. For the seventeenth year in a row, the Al-Danah millionaire account is proud to have created two millionaires a year. Gulf Bank’s Al-Danah millionaire account offers monthly opportunities to win KD 1,000 to ten lucky winners, in addition to two quarterly draws with KD 100,000 prizes each, a semi-annual draw prize of KD 1,000,000 and a grand draw prize of KD 1,500,000.

As part of its ongoing support for local youth, and within the framework of the activities Gulf Bank has planned for 2023, the “Year of Savings”, Gulf Bank announced the winner of its grand Al-Danah millionaire account draw prize at the end of the play “A Successful Deposit.” The play highlights a group of prominent young artistic talents who will be performing in the presence of popular public and economic figures in the country; the play is also scheduled to run for 10 consecutive days.

The winner Moza Al-Asfour announced.

2025 strategy

On this occasion, the General Manager of Consumer Banking at Gulf Bank, Mohammed Al-Qattan, said: “We would like to congratulate Moza Abdulwahab Ali Al-Asfour, the winner of the Al-Danah millionaire account’s grand prize. We would also like to wish the rest of our customers better luck in our future draws - remember, as an Al-Danah client, you will have the opportunity in 2023 to become an Al-Danah millionaire, with a chance to win KD 1 million or even KD 1.5 million.”

On this occasion, the General Manager of Consumer Banking at Gulf Bank, Mohammed Al-Qattan, said: “At Gulf Bank, we are always pleased to provide our customers with an exceptional and noteworthy banking experience that complements our societal role of encouraging a culture of savings; by rewarding savers with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual draws, we hope to motivate our customers and reinforce their saving habits, encouraging others to do the same. Moreover, our draws are subject to supervision by the Ministry Commerce & Industry and Ernst & Young, one of the largest international auditing firms.”

He added: “At Gulf Bank, we are keen to provide the best services and products to our esteemed customers, as we strive to continuously increase our customer satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction was our main motivation for adjusting the new draw structure for the Al-Danah account, and continues to be the main driving factor behind our periodic launches of various products and services that are characterized by growth, simplicity and innovation, as we continue to exceed the requirements and needs of our customers. Our team continues to pay close attention to the smallest of details in keeping with developments in the local and international banking market as we continue to consolidate Gulf Bank’s leading position as the Kuwaiti Bank of the Future.”

Najla Aleisa and Ahmed Al-Ameer in a souvenir photo.

2023: “Year of Savings”

For her part, the Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking - Marketing Department at Gulf Bank, Najla Aleisa, said: “We are delighted to witness the joy of our newest Al-Danah millionaire, Moza Abdulwahab Ali Al-Asfour and excited to have announced our grand prize winner at the opening night of the play ‘A Successful Deposit,’ which is scheduled to run for 10 consecutive days.”

She pointed out that Gulf Bank was keen to hold the Al-Danah millionaire draw in a completely novel way in 2023, which the Bank has dubbed the “Year of Savings,” through a comedic play that encourages saving habits in society, and is the first of many activities Gulf Bank has planned for the year.  Aleisa added that Gulf Bank intends to focus on launching multiple activities and events that are in line with this direction, and introduce various channels and products designed to help customers adopt this approach.

She stated that the bank launched the 2023 calendar year under the slogan “Together with you always in the ‘Year of Savings’ 2023.” She added that together in the year of savings, Gulf Bank and its community can cultivate hope and habits that will assist them in moving forward and achieving their dreams - after all, the journey to becoming a millionaire starts with one dinar.

Mohammed Al-Qattan speaking to the media.

Youth empowerment

The Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, Ahmed Al-Ameer, said: “Today we enjoyed an innovative experience in announcing our newest Al-Danah millionaire, reflecting Gulf Bank’s keenness to consolidate sustainability principles in society, in line with guidelines from the Central Bank of Kuwait and our goal of strengthening the relationships we have built with our customers for the past 60 years.”

He pointed out that Gulf Bank is keen to support various segments of society, especially local youth people, in all its projects, services and events as part of the bank’s social sustainability framework. Al-Amir pointed out that the Bank’s sponsorship of the play “A Successful Deposit” constitutes support for the growing cultural movement in Kuwait and a well-versed team of local talent.

He concluded his remarks by saying, “At the end of this wonderful evening, I would like to point out that this Gulf Bank continues to make millionaires. In fact, we will be announcing our next Al-Danah millionaire on July 13, noting that the last date to deposit for the chance to enter in the semi-annual draw and win KD 1 million is March 31. The draw for the Al-Danah grand prize of KD 1.5 million will take place on January 18, 2024, with the last date to deposit for the chance to win on September 30, 2023.


Opening an Al-Danah Account

Gulf Bank’s Al-Danah account is open to both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti residents of Kuwait. A minimum of KD 200 is required to open an account and the same amount must be maintained for customers to be eligible for the upcoming Al-Danah draws. If the customer’s account balance falls below KD 200 at any given time, a KD 2 fee will be charged to the account monthly until the minimum balance is met. Customers who open an Al-Danah account and deposit more than the minimum balance are automatically entered into the Al-Danah draws and are eligible to win.

To enter the upcoming draws, Gulf Bank customers can open an Al-Danah millionaire account at any time. To increase their chances of winning, account holders must either maintain the minimum deposit amount of KD 200, or increase their Al-Danah savings - the higher the balance in an account, the more chances are accumulated over time. Opening an Al-Danah millionaire account is also easier than ever, with customers able to open their accounts online through Gulf Bank’s online and mobile Banking services.

The Al-Danah millionaire account is one of the oldest and most prestigious savings accounts in Kuwait, and was designed to encourage a culture of savings in society and reward customers for their commitment to saving on a regular basis. Gulf Bank encourages everyone to open an Al-Danah millionaire account to start saving and to enjoy the multitude of benefits the account has to offer.

Gulf Bank’s direct sales team.

A multitude of benefits

Gulf Bank’s Al-Danah millionaire account is the only account that rewards customers for their loyalty by providing loyalty chances and transfers your chances of winning from the previous year to the next year, as part of a program that rewards customers for their loyalty to Gulf Bank. Accordingly, all chances gained by existing Al-Danah clients in 2021 (from January 1 to December 31, 2021) have been transferred and added to the 2022 chances. Terms and conditions apply. The Al-Danah millionaire account provides a multitude of valuable services to its customers, including access to an exclusive Al-Danah ATM card, ideal for depositing money into their accounts at any time. Account holders can now also calculate their chances of winning the monthly, quarterly and annual draws using the Al-Danah Calculator, available on Gulf Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking App.

To deposit into an Al-Danah account, customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s branches, or transfer directly through Gulf Bank’s online/mobile banking services. Customers can also direct their queries via WhatsApp on 1805805 for round-the-clock assistance from Gulf Bank representatives, or call the Customer Contact Center on the same number. In addition, customers can visit the dedicated Al-Danah account website to learn more about the account and its winners.


“A Successful Deposit”

The events of the comedic play “A Successful Deposit” revolve around the importance of saving. The main character is a young man who has succeeded in gathering a good amount of money and is searching for the best way to save it. After going through various experiences and adventures starting from Kuwait to India, including a trip in a private plane, he finds his way to deposit his savings in an account that keeps his money and gives him an opportunity to become a millionaire (and perhaps the winner of KD 1.5 million).


The savings journey begins with a dinar

In order to complete the picture, and to consolidate the habit of saving in society, piggy banks were distributed to the audience. On the opening night, over 600 attendees received a piggy bank, encouraging them to start saving under the slogan “The Savings Journey Begins with a Dinar.” This Year’s winner Moza Al-Asfour, is a role model for customer loyalty. For nearly 50 years, Moza Al-Asfour has been a loyal Gulf Bank customer. Gulf Bank is keen on elevating customer satisfaction and strives continuously to provide a very special customer experience under the slogan “Always With You.”