By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: More than 1,150 officers and enlisted students graduated yesterday as part of the 49th batch of recruits. These graduates will now complete the second phase of service, during which they will receive civil and military training at the national military service institute.

This is the first batch of recruits without overnight stays. "This course is according to a new plan, as it was shortened to only two months without overnight stays. So the number of participants was huge," said Maj Gen Emad Amaan, Staff Chairman of national military service, during the graduation ceremony.

He had two messages for the graduates. "We are sure that during this training course you gained knowledge and discipline that will be useful in your life in general. We are proud of you. Adhere to national unity and ignore negative phenomena. Commit to the rest of the service that is 10 months long," he said.

The 1,152 recruits received training at five locations in the south and north of Kuwait, in addition to the main national military service institute. "We made it simple for the participants, as they were trained in the location close to their homes," added Amaan. During the course, participants studied military law, military training and discipline, and at the end of the course, they were trained in shooting. "We wish all courses will be like this one. It was very successful and we didn't face any problems," he added.

Graduation ceremony held for 1,152 officers
Graduation ceremony held for 1,152 officers
Graduation ceremony held for 1,152 officers

Batch 49 was divided into two. "This was the first one, of cadets that joined in November 20, 2021, while the second will start on January 30, 2022. The same conditions will be applied with the same content," Amaan explained. "I would like to thank the participants for their commitment and discipline, as well as their parents and families, who were our supporters and gave us positive feedback that their sons' behaviors have positively changed," concluded Amaan.

Col Mohammed Dahl, Middle School Command, noted that the national military service institute is ready for the upcoming courses. "The participants of the course received field and off-field training, including in the discipline, using weapons, fitness and skills. In addition, they learned theoretical subjects including security, military police, military judgment, firefighting, supply, first aid and others," he pointed out.