Boubyan Capital upgrades Boubyan online and mobile brokerage service

Badria Hamad Al-Humaidhi and Suliman Khalifah Al-Enazi

KUWAIT: Boubyan Capital Investment Company "BCIC", Boubyan Bank's investment arm, has announced an upgrade of Boubyan Brokerage Service thereby giving customers access to global stock markets in the US, Europe and the UK. Boubyan Brokerage underwent improvements so as to provide customers with the best customer experience by using state-of-the-art innovated technologies whether online or through the mobile App.

In this context, BCIC's Executive Director - Asset Management & Brokerage, Badria Hamad Al-Humaidhi said: "The addition of new international markets to Boubyan Brokerage Service whether online or through Bouyban Mobile App is but the fruit of constant pursuit of expansion and developing the services we offer to investors by providing developed brokerage systems that enable clients to easily and smoothly navigate through the platform".

Al-Humaidhi went on to explain that "BCIC is one of the leading companies in Kuwait that provides customers with online Sharia-compliant stock trading in the GCC and other international markets through Boubyan Brokerage website or Boubyan Brokerage App".
On his part, BCIC's Analyst - Brokerage Department, Suliman Khalifah Al-Enazi stated: "Boubyan trading clients may now trade in the GCC and other international markets using one brokerage account with direct access to Sharia-compliant stocks in international markets, which is a perfect solution for clients interested in increasing their wealth or managing the same beyond the GCC region."

Al-Enazi also stressed the availability of various services and facilities through the e-trading service platform where clients would be able to execute purchase, sale, change or cancellation orders easily and interactively, view portfolio details, account summaries and manage their brokerage accounts in various markets as well as have direct access to analysis, charts, and market data to file immediate orders and review latest stock market news, statements, graphs and developed stock analysis tools.

Furthermore, Al-Enazi added: "Boubyan clients can flexibly link their bank accounts to their brokerage accounts, as this enables them to transfer funds to brokerage accounts via K-net or direct transfer from their personal accounts held with the bank. Boubyan Brokerage service provides a unique experience for clients giving them access to a full package of brokerage services in the GCC and international capital markets. "

Clients may open a brokerage account with a minimum of KD 1,000 (in cash or stocks). For further information about Boubyan Brokerage, clients may contact the brokerage service center at 1803800.
Boubyan Capital Investment Company (Boubyan Capital) was established in 2007 as a sharia-compliant company. BCIC proudly provides diverse outstanding investment solutions, striking a balance between long-term goals and short term needs to deliver an intensely resourced pool of wealth management solutions to BCIC clients. BCIC is continually guided by a key principle of abiding by its fiduciary responsibility to ensure that investors' financial interests are placed ahead of its own at all times, backed by the highest levels of privacy protection. BCIC focuses on providing three core services, namely; Asset Management, Brokerage Services, and Alternative Investments.