The cosmetics and beauty products market has witnessed growing consumer demand for skin-care, make-up, hair care, bath and body products. Recent markets reports have projected an increase of approximately 648.31 million dollars in growth by 2026. The rise in market value incorporates rising consumer demand within the Middle East, one of the key market segments highlighted in the report. Within the Gulf region, it is no surprise that the Kuwaiti market is amongst the top within this industry, with retailers offering beauty line products from all around the globe to cater to the high demand of luxury skin-care and beauty products. Over the last couple of years, the local retail market has progressively developed, offering products from renowned international brands, while introducing new local players to the market.

In more recent news, Kuwait’s Boutiqaat, an online beauty platform offering over 700 international, local and exclusive brands, signed an exclusive agreement with NARS Cosmetics, a French cosmetics and skin care company founded by make-up artist FranÁois Nars in 1994, to distribute their products through Boutiqaat’s innovative platform. This agreement is one of many that Boutiqaat has concluded this year to exclusively offer beauty products from an internationally recognized cosmetics and skin care company. Since it was established, NARS cosmetics leveraged FranÁois Nars’ vision to transform the company into one of the key players driving innovation in the cosmetics industry around the world. By partnering with Boutiqaat, NARS Cosmetics products will now be offered to customers on Boutiqaat’s unrivaled platform.

Within the local market, Boutiqaat has built a strong reputation of being the one-stop-shop for cosmetics, beauty and skin-care products. Co-founder Abdulwahab Al-Essa welcomed NARS Cosmetics to the Boutiqaat family in an exclusive interview, highlighting some of the key advantages of adding yet another international player to the platform’s strong portfolio. The e-commerce platform currently offers over 700 international and local brands, make-up tutorials, exclusive celebrity boutiques, fashion tech accessories and more. The Kuwaiti based platform incorporates a social element, connecting customers to their favorite influencers and celebrities from across the region.

When asked about the agreement, Al-Essa said, “Our vision of becoming a regional one-stop-shop will only become a reality if we consistently focus on offering our valued customers a variety of different products that cater to their needs. We believe that day by day, we are getting closer to achieving our vision. These exclusive agreements help strengthen our brand while giving us a competitive advantage in the market through an innovative platform that is frequently updated and enhanced to provide our customers with a unique memorable experience.”

Boutiqaat has gained regional exposure at a rapid pace, when asked about the platform’s future outlook, Al-Essa said, “One of our key objectives is to continue providing our customers with an unrivaled experience, in order for us to achieve that objective, we consistently introduce new product lines that we believe will add great value to both our clients and brand. We manage customer expectations through our team of industry experts and analysts who keep track of the latest fashion trends. We utilize our team’s passion, expertise and knowledge within the industry to make sure that we provide our customers with the products they are looking with ease of access. We plan on building and maintain this momentum as we move forward and expand our geographical reach.”