KUWAIT: Two Kuwaiti citizens were detained in Hawally after they locked up a girl in an apartment. Both were drunk. The girl called police and told them the two took her to a furnished apartment and attempted to rape her, but she escaped, locked herself up in the bathroom and called for help. Policemen and detectives rushed to the apartment and had to break in, because the men refused to open the door. The girl was freed as the two were arrested while under the influence of alcohol.

Cross-dressers arrested

Vice detectives arrested a Kuwaiti and 14 expats cross-dressers red-handed. The expats (11 Filipions, 2 Thais and one Egyptian) are held pending deportation, while massage parlor owners face legal action. Vice detectives learned about immoral activities in massage parlors in exchange of money, so warrants were obtained and the parlors were raided. A Kuwaiti who had rented a private room and the 14 expats were arrested.

Liquor busted

Customs officers discovered 3,048 imported liquor bottles in a container that had been unclaimed for more than 90 days at Shuwaikh Port. The container had arrived from a Gulf country and no one had claimed it, so it was opened and searched. The liquor was found in hidden compartments. Authorities will question officials of the importing company to find out more details.

Juveniles fight

A passerby who saw a fight between juveniles told police a murder was committed, but only blows were exchanged. Police who arrived at the scene broke up the fight and arrested those involved.

Car stolen

Two thieves stole a car driven by an Asian after telling him there was a problem with one of its tires. The passenger of car pointed to the tire, so the Asian pulled over and got out of the car to see what was wrong. One of the men then knocked him to the ground, then got in the car and drove away, followed by his friend. The victim told his company about what happened, so the legal representative lodged a complaint at Fintas police station.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies