KUWAIT: Ministries of labor in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries intend to issue a blacklist including names of absconding domestic laborers and those in violation of labor laws in the GCC member states so that they could be banned from entering any of them.

The ministries are currently working on electronically linking those lists to show how committed the workers are to the contracts they sign with employers. The ministries also agreed to issue a similar blacklist for employers abusing domestic laborers.

Security cameras

The Ministry of Interior will start installing security cameras around Kuwait by the first quarter of 2016, well-informed sources said. The sources added that, through Central Tenders Committee and the State Audit Bureau, special security and technical teams would start assessing the imported cameras in order to make sure they were of high quality and match those used in advanced countries. Further, the source noted that the ministry had finished selecting the locations where the cameras would be installed, hoping that they would cover all Kuwait by the end of 2016.

Family council

The parliamentary women and family affairs' committee is due to meet this morning to discuss a bill on establishing the 'Family Supreme Council.' The meeting will be attended by Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaaqoub Al-Sane.

Extremist ideology

MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran stressed that the Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda and those following the same ideologies were either 'enemies of Islam' disguised as Muslims or ignorant misled Muslims.

Football Association

Chairman of the parliamentary sports and youth committee MP Abdullah Maayouf stressed that the committee would summon Kuwait Football Association (KFA) officials once the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS) contacted the association. He also promised to refer any corruption case to the public prosecution. Maayouf added that the committee plans to make a recommendation to withdraw the KFA's building and have the chairman resign because he 'does not deserve to run the KFA.' Further, Maayouf slammed FIFA's warning against holding a friendly match between Kuwait's National Team and the World Starts during the reopening of Jaber Stadium. "It is a friendly match on an occasion dear to the hearts of all Kuwaitis, what does FIFA decisions have to do with it?," he exclaimed, pointing out that some 'vicious plots' had been made to destroy sports in Kuwait.

Dashti slams fellow MP

MP Abdulhameed Dashti recently warned a person he did not name but described as a 'hidden IS-affiliated lawmaker,' asking him to stop spreading hatred amongst fellow-citizens because the people stopped 'buying his lies.' "I wish you had stayed with your dreadful annulled majority because you are full of hateful racism," he said, referring to the opposition block that boycotted the past two elections. Dashti noted that the MP in question was described as a 'traitor' by his former comrades and that he now pretends to be the 'protector of public funds.'

KUNA's correspondents

The parliament's observer MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi urged the Minister Of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah to interfere and straighten things up in Kuwait News Agency's (KUNA) correspondent offices abroad, noting that 77.5 percent of correspondents were non-Kuwaitis. "This does not match with the state's policy to hire more Kuwaitis in the government," he stressed.

By A Saleh