Kuwait: Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah said Saturday that his Danish counterpart Lars Rasmussen had notified him of a proposed draft law that would make it illegal to desecrate religions and beliefs.

He said that the Danish minister told him that his government had proposed a piece of legislation that would make it illegal to desecrate the Holy Quran and religious leaders under the pretext of freedom of expression and opinion.

He quoted Rasmussen as saying that the Danish government attaches much attention to this issue and seeks to maintain its relationships of friendship and cooperation with the entire international community.

Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah thanked the Danish minister for informing him of the law, along with his country's response to the requests of the State of Kuwait and all Muslim countries and organizations.

He regarded this as a positive step towards the prevention of crimes of burning copies of the Holy Quran and condemnable practices that fuel grudge and hatred.

He underlined the significance of stopping such acts that run counter to all moral and human principles and values, and directly jeopardize international peace and harmony.

The Kuwaiti foreign minister, further, called on the governments of other countries which witnessed crimes of burning copies of the Holy Quran to follow suit and enact laws that prevent the desecration of religions.